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About Us :

     Gypsy Interlink Industries is a leading manufacturer of Antifreeze/Coolant, Auto Electric Product, Auto Parts,Brake Fluid and Car Care

Products. During a short time the company has placed it-self in a leading position in the market by providing Quality products to its

esteemed customers. Gypsy Interlink Industries is approved supplier of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation, Indian Air Force and

Indian Army. The Installed Capacity of Plant is 1,00,000 Liters per month.


Our Various Product Includes :

1. Solex Coolant (Concentrate, 1:3)

2. Nissan Coolant (Ready to use or 1:1)

3. Maruti Coolant (Concentrate, 1:3)

4. Maruti Coolant (Ready to Use)

5. Gokul Coolant (Concentrate, 1:3)

6. Gokul Coolant (Ready to Use)

7. Solex Brake & Clutch Fluid (DOT 3)

8. Solex Glass & House Hold Cleaner (The Computer Cleaner)

9. Electronic Fuel Pump

10. Auto Electric Parts like Flasher, Relay, Plug etc.

11. Silencers

12. Bearings

Testing Facilities :

There is ultra modern in house testing Laboratory at Plant for testing of chemical, Raw materials,coolant and other final product.


Market & Leading Customers :

The firm has its distribution channel through out India and Abroad have vast market for coolant. The major customers are including

ISO-9002 Companies and large transport operating institutions. The Solex coolant has approved by giant passenger vehicle operation

institution of India M/s Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation Ltd. The GSRTC is using the Solex for its more than 10000 vehicles.

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