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Antifreeze / Coolant :


Why Use Coolant ?

The purpose of coolant is to remove excess heat produced from the engine operation, to control corrosion, scaling, antifreeze and boilover the radiator water. Years ago water was used to reduce the temperature. Water is an effective heat transfer fluid but it boils at low temperature (100 degree celcuis) and highly corrosive. The important feature of the most coolant is its higher boiling point. A 50% concentration of ethylene glycol coolant raises the boiling point of the water-mixture 129 degree celcuis and 70% concentration of ethylene glycol coolant raises 135 degree celcuis (using a 15 lbs pressure cap in good condition). The complexity is increased with the use of aluminium alloys in the head, block, water pump and radiator of the cooling system. To protect against the heat, corrosion of aluminium and the other metals & scaling; our coolant having a special corrosion inhibitors technology.

Features of Coolant :

  •     Coolant is concentrate (1:3) Antifreeze/Coolant.

  •     Coolant is always tested before despatch as per ASTM D-1384 and other interantional standard

  Features of Coolant Additive:

  •    Gypsy Interlink Industries is also manufacturer of Heavy Duty Coolant Additive for Heavy Engine like Caterpillar, Tata Hitachi,
           L&T Komatsu, BEML, HM, VOLVO, HM Terex etc.

  •     Coolant Additive is specially designed to offer outstanding protection for the cooling system of heavy duty engines; even
           though the coolant / D.M. water ratio are 1:4 and 1:15. This is the higher ratio then other coolant.

  •     Coolant Additive is use full for Heavy Engines like Caterpillar, Tata Hitachi, L&T Komatsu, BEML, HM, VOLVO, HM Terex,
           escorts, JCB etc..

  • concentrate 1:15

    Concentrate 1:3

    Concentrate 1:4

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